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Recently, employees at a large lumber mill reached out to us. Their business specifically converted trees into dimensional lumber. To assist in this process, the lumber millutilized regular-duty steel strapping in a x .023 size. This particular strapcost5.6 cents perfoot, which meant that the lumber processors spent quite a bit of their budget on metal strapping every single year. Not only did the customer reach out to us about finding a more cost-effective alternative, but they also wanted to explore options that would be safer for their team members to handle each day. Our team knew precisely the product alternative to recommend to our lumber mill customer. Instead of using x .023 steel strapping, we suggested they make the switch to 5/8 x .035 polyester strapping instead. This new plastic strapping offered a wide range of advantages over the metaloption. It came in with a much lower price tag of only 1.6 cents per foot, which meant that the company would save an incredible 71% onstrappingin the first year alone.To help increase safety and augment the polyester strapping application process, the lumber mill would also need five strapping tools to applyand securethe material.We suggested a few different options, including battery strapping tools and pneumatic strapping tools. Even though they paid the initial cost for these five hand strapping tools, the lumber mill still saved 71% of their costs the first year they used plastic strapping.


Our customer, a large lumber mill,spenttoo much annually on steel strapping.
  • At 5.6 cents per foot, steel strapping was too expensive for continued use
  • Metal strapping was also dangerous and caused worker injuries
  • It took workers too long to apply the steel strap


Making the swap to polyester strapping and adding five new strapping tools to their process helped the lumber mill in big ways.
  • Polyester strap is strong, durable, and works just as well as steelfor many applications
  • At only 1.6 cents per foot, the new plastic strapping is much less expensive than steel
  • Plastic strap is safer for employees to handle
  • The mill saved a whopping 71% injust the first year, even after purchasing five new strapping tools


If your company is like our lumber mill customer and has been using steel strapping for years but wantsto make the switch to polyester strapping, we can assist in finding a viable, effective alternate. Additionally, our team is highly knowledgeable and can help youadd any kind of strapping, strapping tool, or strapping accessory to your process.Contact us todayat(866) 900-7937 to speak with one of our expert strapping specialists and for a free quote!

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